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Gin Martinis

  • Classic hand-stirred


  • Nolly Pratt (Classic)
  • Carpano Dry (Light)
  • Dolin (Light)
  • Ransom (Medium)
  • Yzaguirre (Medium to full)
  • Del Professor (Full)

Bottled Tonic

  • Fever Tree Indian
  • Fever Tree Mediterranean
  • Fever Tree Bitter Lemon
  • Canada Dry

Gin Flight

  • Ivy City & Tonic #1
  • Hardshore & Tonic #4
  • Bluecoat Barrel Finished





  • Boodles (ENG)

    Nutmeg, sage, and rosemary

  • London No 1 (ENG)

    Cinnamon, almond, bergamot

  • Plymouth (UK)

    Very dry gin of its very own class

  • Brokers (ENG)

    10 traditional botanicals

  • London No 3 (ENG)

    6 perfectly balanced botanicals

  • Rutte Dry Celery (NED)

    Celery, sweet orange peel

  • Jensen (ENG)

    Dry, smooth with character

  • Oxley (ENG)

    Sweet citrus, light spice, juniper

  • Sipsmith (UK)

    Classic dry, lemon, grapefruit



  • Bitter Truth (DEU)

    Caraway, fennel, licorice

  • Edinburgh Seaside (SCT)

    Seaweed, scurvy grass, ivy

  • Gregarious (MD)

    Molasses base, vapor infused

  • Mahon (SPA)

    Gin de Menorca

  • St. George Terroir (CA)

    Douglas fir, sage

  • Cold River (ME)

    Cardamom, herbal, fresh cedar

  • Old Raj (SCT)

    Juniper, citrus, and saffron

  • Gin Mare (SPN)

    Arbequina olives, thyme, basil

  • Rutte Dry Celery (NED)

    Celery, sweet orange peel

  • St. George Rye (CA)

    Malty, caraway, peppercorn

  • Death’s Door (WI)

    Juniper, coriander, fennel

  • Forager (MD)

    Aniseed, chicory, honeysuckle

  • Hendricks Orbium (SCT)

    Quinine, wormwood, lotus blossom

  • St. George Botanivore (CA)

    Angelica root, bay laurel


  • Beefeater (ENG)

    Classic London dry gin

  • Bombay Sapphire East (ENG)

    Lemongrass, pepper

  • Ford’s (ENG)

    Jasmine, coriander, very complex

  • Greenhook (NY)

    Lemon peel, elderflower, chamomile

  • Portobello Road (ENG)

    Orris root, nutmeg, cassia bark

  • Beefeater 24 (ENG)

    Classic London dry gin

  • Dillons (CA)

    22 botanicals

  • Golden Moon (CO)

    Juniper, lavender, mint

  • Hendricks (SCT)

    Soft, cucumber and rose petal

  • Roku (JPN)

    Cherry blossom, green tea, sansho

  • Bombay Sapphire (ENG)

    A perfect blend of ten

  • Dorothy Parker (NY)

    Elderberry, cinnamon, hibiscus

  • Green Hat Ltd. (DC)

    Rosemary, cherry blossom

  • Oola (WA)

    Smoky black cardamom, rose petal

  • Silent Pool (ENG)

    Lavender, chamomile, honey


  • 50 Pounds (ENG)

    Black pepper, cardamom, lemon

  • Junipero (CA)

    Juniper, grains of paradise, cubeb

  • Black Button (NY)

    Citrus, cinnamon, thyme

  • Opihr (ENG)

    Cubeb, tellicherry peppercorn, cumin

  • Gunpowder (IRL)

    Gunpowder tea, meadowsweet

  • Right (SWE)

    Grapefruit, white pepper


  • Barr Hill (VT)

    Floral depth of raw honey

  • Greenhook Old Tom (NY)

    Finished in sherry casks

  • Nolet’s Silver (NED)

    Turkish rose, peach, raspberry

  • Barr Hill Old Tom (VT)

    Honey, sweet lemon citrus, spice

  • Hayman’s Old Tom (ENG)

    Intense botanicals, sweet

  • Ransom Old Tom (OR)

    Malted barley, orange peel

  • Bluecoat Elderflower

    Warm vanilla, lemon peel

  • Jensen Old Tom (ENG)

    Traditional 1840 recipe

House-made Tonics

  • Meyer lemon-thyme
  • Green Tea-lavender
  • Blood orange-saffron
  • Ginger-cumin
  • Lemongrass-Thai basil
  • Pomegranate-mint
  • Indian spices
  • Pomplemousse-cardamom

New Heights Cocktails 2019

  • Cocktail of the month: From here to eternity 13

    Bols genever gin, amaro, amontillado sherry, peach bitters

  • The Night Watch 13

    Haymans old tom gin, crème de violette, grapefruit, lime

  • The Best Years Of Our Lives 13

    Scarlet ibis rum, st elizabeth allspice dram, fresh lime

  • Sunset Blvd 15

    Casamigos reposado, punt e mes, campari, cynar, chocolate aztec bitters

  • It Happened One Night 13

    Jameson Irish whiskey, dolin blanc, green chartreuse, luxardo maraschino