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For over three generations, our award-winning restaurant has enticed locals, Presidents, Dignitaries, and travelers to this architecturally (AIA) award-winning and critically-acclaimed neighborhood jewel.

New Heights was founded by Umbi Singh in 1987. The new owners and staff are proud of their long tradition of culinary excellence and personal involvement in every facet of the business, and that tradition inspires their loyal patrons.

Zagat Survey reports “New Heights sets the standard for creativity year after year – Top honors for food, service, Sunday Brunch, and stylish decor.”


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Our Story And How It All Started

Chef Jose and Olena have been friends for almost 6 years. Their friendship blossomed from their shared passion for opening their own restaurant someday. One night in 2020, they got together and started to seriously consider opening a unique restaurant together.

Over 15 years ago, our families left Ukraine and Bolivia and came to America for a better life. We settled in Virginia where our dreams of opening a family restaurant in America finally came true.

We’ve learned never to settle for less than the finest and freshest ingredients. We brought our tradition of hard work, desire for excellence, and most importantly Passion.

Chef Jose started cooking at the age of 16, his mentors taught him to respect each ingredient, make everything with passion, and be as creative as he can possibly be. Buying the best seasonal ingredients can make all the difference in the world. Growing up in Bolivia with Latin flavors had a powerful impact on him becoming the chef he is now and was his gateway to international influences. He enjoys the theater of cooking, and the searing sound from a cast-iron skillet is music to his ears. He loves using all his senses to create a perfectly balanced dish. New Heights is my American Dream.

Olena has a great passion for working with people and taking care of guests. She has a true passion for world-class service and believes in a proactive approach when it comes to Guest Experience. Olena will be leading the daily operations of the restaurant.


Passion for innovative New American cuisine crafted from the season’s bounty, entices locals, presidents, dignitaries, and travelers.

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